Jimmy Messier (wite_rabit) wrote,
Jimmy Messier

Origin thoughts: Dresden Codak

From mental hop to mental hop, the seed thought from my comic-reading led me to read about the history of Carl Jung. I was captivated! Individuation, as described by Jung, makes worlds of sense. I've posted the Wiki excerpt here, along with the contextual links. Goodness but I love Chrome's copy/paste! :)

Carl Jung on individuation

According to Jungian psychology, individuation is the process of transforming one’s psyche by bringing the personal and collective unconscious into conscious.[1]Individuation has a holistic healing effect on the person, both mentally and physically.[1]

Individuation is a process of psychological differentiation, having for its goal the development of the individual personality. "In general, it is the process by which individual beings are formed and differentiated; in particular, it is the development of the psychological individual as a being distinct from the general, collective psychology." [2]

Besides achieving physical and mental health[1], people who have advanced towards individuation, they tend to become harmonious, mature, responsible, they promote freedom and justice and have a good understanding about the workings of human nature and the universe.[3]

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