Jimmy Messier (wite_rabit) wrote,
Jimmy Messier

Anon motivates Anon

<input ... > Anonymous 11/03/09(Tue)15:08 No.1760572
>You can't break this type of lifestyle without a strong will, and I don't have one

Self-defeating thinking. The only way to have a strong will is to DECIDE that in fact you DO have the testicular fortitude to stick to your plans.

Anyone can have a strong will, you are just copping out by assuming you were inborn with a weak will. Will is a matter of determination, focus, and most of all belief in the fact that you do have self-control (even if right now you think you don't).

If you let yourself think you have a weak will, then you can easily rationalize quitting and/or failure. THIS is the self-defeating thinking I was talking about. Stop pussyfooting around and take responsibility for your actions, you didn't fail because you were born with a weak will, you failed because you haven't yet decided to stop being a child.

It was my hope that this post inspires you, not insults you, so I hope it came off in the right manner.

Anon knows what the hell Anon is talking about! Makes me wonder if my coworker ever posts on /fit/...

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